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This is PRE ORDER for chocolate resin 6 inch bjd 'Berrie'. Full payment.

Pre order means the doll is NOT in stock, but will be specially made for you.

Production time of a bjd doll is 4-6 months after the pre order period ends. 

You can choose 4 options in the menu:

- Blank doll. (no face-up, no eyes). €399. (layway first payment €199,50 plus shipping. Second payment €199,50).

- Doll with face-up and random color glass eyes. €429. (Layway first payment €229,50 plus shipping. Second payment € 199,50).

- Doll with face-up and random color glass eyes with custom freckles added. €448. (Layway first payment €248,50. second payment €199,50). you can choose how you want the freckles on your doll and what color. (a few, a lot, whole body covered etc.)

- Full set Artist version. Doll comes with an outfit, shoes and wig €599. please allow some creativity ;-) (Layway first payment €299,50 plus shipping. second payment €299,50). Full set limited to only 5 of each resin color.


If you are outside EU please pay with Paypal.

If you are within EU you can choose cash option and then you can pay by banktranfser by asking me for payment information. However Paypal is the fastest and safest way to pay.


Berrie is same size doll as Lati Yellow, Pukifee, Meadowdolls Twinkle, Irrealdoll Engendritos etc. It is very easy to find clothes, shoes, wigs or eyes for 1/8 bjd dolls.


If you want to see photos of the nude doll to see the joints and want to know meassurements you can find all info on the 'BJD' page.


Please read all information about pre ordering a doll at the FAQ page on this website. If you order a doll you agree with those terms.

Cancelling an order afterwards costs money. please keep this in mind before placing your order.

THANK YOU for your interest in Berrie and enjoy...

CHOCOLATE Berrie 6 inch bjd

€ 399,00Price
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