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Jessica de Geus

Jessica was born in december 1979 in Sint-Maarten, a small town in the Netherlands. She grew up in a loving home with her parents and 3 sisters. As a kid she loved to draw and play with dolls. Those two hobbies always stayed in her life when she grew up. As a young adult she worked in a fashion store and in her free time she painted commission portraits of people and animals. Dolls moved to the background. Untill she discovered the world of bjd dolls in 2010. She started collecting bjd dolls and after a few months she opened a shop on Etsy to sell handmade clothes for dolls. Soon after that she did commission face-ups. She was still working in a store the years after, while making portraits and bjd dolls were her hobbies. That all changed in april 2016. The desire to work as an artist grew stronger. She visited a DABIDA exhibition in Amsterdam and everything became clear! A doll can be art too! She had been in the bjd hobby for 6 years and painting and drawing had always been her passion. Why not combine all the years of practice and knowledge of both hobbies and make it one. That same week she made her very first O.O.A.K. Artdoll and that is where it all started. Since that day she made a lot of artdolls using all kinds of materials and trying to find her own style.


A long captured dream of making her own bjd doll came true! This doll was made in 3 resin colors. Fair, Cream and Chocolate. Each color got her own name. Fair Robin, Cream Hazel and Chocolate Zoë.

The pre order of this first msd size (17.5 inch) doll was in march 2022 and has been a great succes!

Designing bjd dolls is the best job in the world according to Jessica and we can expect lots of beautiful new creations in the future...


In 2017 she became a member of DABIDA (Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists). Her dolls have been in a magazine 3 times so far and the dolls were sold to collectors all over the world. Month after month the quality of the dolls grew and the number of collectors buying her work too. Early 2021 the O.O.A.K. artdolls became really popular and she had to work with a waiting list. Because every doll is completely handmade and a lot of work it was no longer possible to sell every interested collector a doll. The waitinglist became too long because we only have one pair of hands. That's when Jessica started designing her first bjd prototype. After working on the prototype for months it was finished in oktober 2021. The prototype was send to a bjd company and in january she received her very first resin bjd prototype at home.

Work in progress

Creating a bjd prototype is a very long process. It takes months to finish one. Every piece of the doll is completely handmade without using any molds. Jessica has used 2 types of clay to create a prototype so far. The 17.5 inch doll was made of Ladoll air dry clay. And the 6inch doll was made of Polymerclay Sculpey medium. Both materials have their pros and cons.


17 inch bjd prototype

Ladoll air dry clay


Jessica wearing dust mask.


6 inch bjd prototype

Polymerclay Sculpey medium

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