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Resin BJD dolls

A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. These dolls are cast in polyurethane resin , a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic. They are predominantly produced in Japan and China. They commonly range in size from about 60 centimetres (24 in) for the larger dolls, 40 cm (15.5 in) for the mini dolls, and all the way down to 10 cm (4 in) the very smallest BJDs. BJDs are primarily intended for adult collectors and customizers. They are made to be easy to customize, by painting, changing the eyes and wig, and so forth.


Hazel. cream resin bjd doll 17inch.


Apple. Fair resin bjd doll. 6 inch


Mo. Fair resin bjd doll. 12.5 inch


12.5inch bjd Mo

Height 12.5 inch / 31,75 cm

Head circumference 9.5 inch / 24 cm

Eyesize 20 mm 

Chest  5,3 inch / 13,5 cm

Waist 5,1 inch / 13 cm

Hip 6,3 inch / 16 cm

Arm length including hands 4,5 inch / 11.5 cm

Leg length 4,92 inch / 12,5 cm foot not included

Foot length 1,5 inch / 3,8 cm

Foot width 0,9 inch / 2,2 cm

- This doll size is in between Paola reina Las Amigas and Santaro Gorjuss dolls.

- Her feet are smaller then 'regular' size dolls. her feet are made smaller to make it easier to find shoes for her. It is no problem to let her wear shoes that are bigger then her feet. Most yosd shoes fit. also the Gorjuss boots are perfect.

- Her wig size is 8-9 wig but very tight fit. is stays on because of the wigholders. if you want easy fit you can choose 9-10.

- She can wear 20mm eyes. some 22mm fit too. Fot this doll I prefer acrylic eyes because these are less heavy weight.



17inch msd bjd Hazel, Robin, Zoë

Height 17 inch / 42,5 cm

Head circumference 9 inch / 23,5 cm

Eyesize 12 mm and 14 mm

Chest 6 inch / 15 cm

Waist 5,5 inch / 14 cm

Hip 7,9 inch / 20 cm

Arm length including hands 6,3 inch / 16 cm

Leg length 7,9 inch / 20 cm

Foot length 1,8 inch / 4,5 cm

Foot width 0,9 inch / 2,2 cm

- This doll is MSD size. her legs are a bit smaller then 'regular' MDS size dolls. But most of the MSD size clothes you find in online shops should fit.

- Her feet are smaller then 'regular' MSD size dolls. her feet are made smaller to make it easier to find shoes for her. It is no problem to let her wear shoes that are bigger then her feet. 

- Her wig size is large SD size. She can wear 8-9 wig if the wig has a stretch cap. But 9-10 wig is easier to put on.

- She can wear 12mm and 14mm eyes. 14mm eyes give a more childlike appearance.



6 inch resin bjd Apple

Height 6 inch / 16 cm

Head circumference  5.5 inch / 15 cm

Eyesize 8 mm 

Chest 3.2 inch / 8 cm

Waist 3.2 inch / 8 cm

Hip 3.6 inch / 9 cm

Arm length including hands 2.4 inch / 6 cm

Leg length 2.4 inch / 6 cm

Foot length 0.8 inch / 2 cm

Foot width 0.4 inch / 1 cm

- This doll is simular size as Lati Yellow, Pukifee, Meadowdolls twinkle, Irrealdoll Engendritos etc. It is very easy to find clothes and shoes for this size dolls.

- Wig size is 5-6 inch. the wig will stay on by itself if it is a stretch cap. But I prefer using a silicone wigcap to avoid the wig from slipping of the head if you play with the doll.

- Eyesize is 8mm round. you can use glass or acrylic 8mmeyes. please note that oval eyeshape will not fit.

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